About Us

Originally part of Phillips Creek Ranch, Val Hogan purchased the remaining 40 acres from her grandparents, Byde and Juanita Lamey, to preserve the family homestead and raise her family. There was a historic joke about Byde referring to it as "Poverty Flats", so it seemed only fitting to make the name more official after the purchase.

Over the years, the farm grew to home a variety of animals from dogs, cats. and horses to more exotic species such as parrots, hedgehogs, and tortoises. Many of the animals were brought to the farm by people that were no longer able to keep them due to unforeseen circumstances or purchased from homes that were unsuitable for the animals to thrive in. The majority of animals currently are fiber-producing (goats, sheep, llamas, and alpacas), however, the door is open to any critter in need. We enjoy and encourage having human visitors to come interact with the animals too!

In 2021, the farm became a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization to continue Val's work and dream of helping animals find a sanctuary to thrive with the support of the community and her family.